About the photo above.

The image above has been generously provided by Photographer, Henny Elizabeth Schnare.  Contact us for more information regarding her photography.

About the farm.

Trincomali Farms expands 100 acres of farmland nestled in the valley between scenic Mount Galiano and Bluff Park. The farm has been a working farm on Galiano Island for more than 100 years and has seen many changes.

In past years large herds of cattle and flocks of sheep were raised here, but these days the farm is home to horses, sheep, llamas and cashmere goats. Many of our animals have been rescued from slaughter.

The most recent rescues have been the adoption of Harry the potbellied pig and Gavin the turkey from RestQ Sanctuary on Mayne Island when it was closed down.  Both Kevin and Harry have their own rescue stories that can be read at  There are many other pictures and rescue stories there also.

Our horses who have been rescued have been brought back to good health and soundness, rehabilitated, and have been given jobs to which they are suited. We believe that Standardbreds deserve a second

chance rather than to have automatic euthanasia when they are no longer wanted, or worse to be taken to the auction where most often they would be purchased by “the meat man” and then transported on long hauls (along with many other perfectly good horses that people don’t want) to slaughter houses in Alberta and Saskatchewan. This is a terrible ending for a horse who has served their owners faithfully for years.  Thousands of horses are bred and discarded each year.  So many people are in search of the “perfect” horse or they are excited about a new “life”, forgetting the value of a well trained and seasoned horse.  We believe that owners should be more responsible in the life of their horses.  Owners need to understand that a lot of the time the meat man is the only one bidding on horses at the auction!

Standardbreds or other horses who need a home can also be found at Circle F Rescue or Greener Pastures.

Farm crops consist of hay production, market garden produce, and cut flowers. Each year our stand starts up as soon as there is produce available in the garden and shuts down in the fall.

Cut flowers are sold on the roadside stand and are also available for weddings and events. We also offer trail rides and other equine services.  Be sure to check out some of our other services.  Book your ride early to ensure availability on your date of choice.

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